Debate: Do Mountaintop Tourist Attractions Help or Hurt the Outdoor Community, and the Cause of Conservation?

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If you couldn’t tell from this week’s post, my recent trip up the Pikes Peak Cog Railway left me feeling a little conflicted. It feels like they bring more crowds into pristine places; and many of the people visiting don’t seem to be all that interested anyhow.

But for some: these experiences could be what get them excited about exploring.

My piece posed the question:

Does "Civilizing" the Wild Actually Help the Outdoor Community?

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I think I arrived at an answer that makes sense to me, but I want to know what you think. In your experience, do tourist attractions in these remote places help or hurt the outdoors, and conservation as a whole?

Let’s get a friendly debate going — key word, friendly. I’ll be here checking in throughout the day and am excited to hear your opinions, and reasoning.

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